We, Sky Elegance International Ltd, are manufacturer for Swimming and Diving items since 1996. We specialize in Swim Products and Diving Products, for both Professional and Recreational. Our product range includes Swim Goggles, Dive Mask, Snorkel, Fins, and other accessories. Now, we are mainly focusing our resources in Professional Product Line.

We are Hong Kong wholly owned company with Factory in DongGuan, China. We have over 800 labors with working floor of 60000 square meters. Our organization structure for factory can be summarized as below:

Design Department :
We have 2 teams which are managing different job responsibilities:
First Team : It is responsible for Artwork Design, Packaging Design,
  • Catalogue Design and Display Design.
    Second Team : It is responsible for Product Design. All our new products
  • are completely designed by our Design Team.....more>>